Springtime is the perfect time to breathe new life into your home. Even with the warmer weather bringing you outside to tend to your yard and outdoor spaces, it’s important to care for the inside of your home, too — so much still happens within those walls.

Our top organizing tips will help you stay on top of it all and accomplish what you want this spring. 

1. Create a list of goals. 

If you’re like us, you probably have a list of to-dos constantly running through your head. Reduce your mental load by writing down your to-do list. Getting it out of your head and onto paper is an easy way to make sure your tasks get done. 

Some things on ours: 

  1. Bring out the planters from the garage — and add some spring colors to them! 
  2. Add wreaths and flower baskets as well. You can never have too much color. 
  3. Get quotes for power washing, window cleaning, landscaping, exterior painting … any project you’ve been putting off. 
  4. Deep clean your junk drawer or closet. (You know you have at least one!) 

Once you have your list organized, you’ll be more prepared (and less overwhelmed) when small things pop up.

2. Reorganize spaces that bother you.

When you open your linen closet, how do you feel? Maybe a bit annoyed or stressed because it’s overwhelmingly unorganized? 

Create a clear mind by restructuring your space to function for how you use it. If you know you are always reaching for new towels, place them at an easy-to-grab height. And since spring and summer weather is on the way, it’s time to relocate those cozy flannel sheets on the highest shelf until cold weather comes back around. 

3. Deep clean your space. 

Your regular cleaning routine probably doesn’t include removing everything from your built-in shelves or pulling all the jackets and shoes out of your entryway closet. While you’re reorganizing your spaces, take the time to do a deep clean while everything is empty. Wipe down surface areas, dust the baseboards, and vacuum up those dust bunnies hiding in the corner! 

Other easy to overlook items (and yes, we miss these, too): 

  • ceiling fans. If you find yourself always wiping dust off a table for it to come right back, take a damp rag and wipe your fan blades. You’ll thank us later. 
  • large windows. Clean the small fingerprints or dog noseprints off your windows for a clear view of the spring flowers and sunny skies. You’ll be surprised what a difference opening your curtains to a freshly shined window can make. 
  • picture frames. You took the time to frame your beautiful art and photos, so don’t forget to show them some love! 

4. Update your memories. 

We are always taking photos of our family and friends on our phones, but we often forget to print them out to hang around the house. Now is the perfect time to switch out photos in those frames you just dusted off. 

April printed off a few photos from her recent European travels for her fridge. These gorgeous purple azaleas at Auchterarder in Gleneagles Village in Scotland and the yellows and oranges in these wildflowers at London’s Hampton Court Palace are the perfect springtime inspo!

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