ADJ has honed our process to provide the best experience for our clients. Our process consists of five phases to produce a design that is truly the cherry on top of your space.

Initial Interior Design Consultation

Talk and Walk

This is our initial consultation during which we get to know you and how you use your home. We’ll chat while you give us a tour of the spaces you want redone and tell us what you like and what you hate. We’ll ask questions to get to know you, your family, your lifestyle, and your personal aesthetic. At the same time, you are sizing us up to see if we are right for the job. After this meeting, if you wouldn’t want to have a cup of coffee or a cocktail with us, it’s probably not a good fit.

Sign, Samples, and Celebrate

If you decide we are cocktail (and project) worthy, we develop a scope of services and estimate the number of hours your project will take. We meet to outline the ADJ client expectations and sign the contract. We’ll talk about how the project will progress and introduce you to your lead designer with the understanding that every ADJ designer (including April) collaborates on every project. We will also ask for one point of contact from your side to communicate with throughout the duration and present you with a few concepts to see what you are drawn to.

Project Scope & Services

Go Time

During this phase, we review floor plans, get measurements, talk to your builder, architect, and/or contractor. We also hone in on a specific look through furniture, accessories, paint, countertop, and tile preferences. We create a schedule, pencil in weekly meetings at the ADJ office, and start selecting the foundational design pieces like plumbing, flooring, tile, and paint, depending on which items the contractor needs first. From there, we’ll order furniture and other custom, larger pieces.

Fun with Finishes

This is the stage that everyone thinks about when they think about interior design. Ironically, it comes later in the process. After construction is done, we select rugs, art, accessories, window treatments, and more to refine the entire look. As ordered items begin to come in, the space begins to come together, and you get to see your vision being realized.

Design Finishing Touches
Finished Interior Design Project

Picture Perfect

After each project is completed (and we won’t rest until every lamp is perfectly situated), we hire an amazing photographer to photograph the space. And now we can begin planning for your next ADJ project—vacation home? Starter home you just bought for your child? Or that basement you’ve been putting off?

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