It’s a fair bet that your home became majorly multifunctional this spring. Beyond the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room, your home may also be serving as an office, gym, boardroom, and classroom. (And also, we hope, as your official Zoom room and your new favorite wine bar.)

Has the experience left you wanting to show your home, and yourself, some love? Now is an ideal time to bring more intention to the design decisions that surround you!

Your Surroundings Are Powerful

Your mood can be affected dramatically by the colors, textures, and lighting in your home. A good furniture layout feels functional, harmonious, and maximizes your space. Indoor greenery, flowers, and pretty outdoor views improve concentration and reduce stress. Choices like these, large and small, are what make your home a sanctuary: a place of optimism, focus, and peace.

Working with an interior designer, you can discover your authentic personal style and make sure your home is best suited to your family’s changing needs and lifestyle.

The New Interior Design

In the era of COVID-19, your home renovation project should start directly with an interior designer. In the old days (read: until a few months ago), you might have started by connecting with a contractor—which resulted in multiple people coming in and out of your home before you even knew how your vision was going to be realized. Now that social distancing is necessary, it’s safer to reach out to an interior designer to get the design process rolling. Through virtual walkthroughs (or in-person meetings in our regularly sanitized studio or the great outdoors) and video calls, an interior designer can help you plan out every stage of the process in advance without ever stepping foot in your home. Then, once things return to normal, contractors can come in to do any remodeling or construction that your project requires. You can start now to start safely!

ADJ is Here for You

We’re taking every precaution (including regularly cleaning surfaces, wearing masks, and limiting the amount of people in our office) to ensure we can offer you safe in-person consultations. We’ve also developed new virtual services that cater to everyone looking to experience the joy of a beautifully designed space. Our ADJ Indulge and Cherry on Top packages each allow you to embark on a multi-room design transformation—and to ensure that your project is in the construction queue.

As always, we love the expansive vision of a whole-house interior project. Your home is the place to make your best and most beautiful memories, especially now. Ready to get started? Let’s talk!