Now that spring is here and summer is right on the horizon, you probably have plans to hit up your vacation home for a relaxing getaway… unless your vacation home is in dire need of a facelift. Being in uncomfortable surroundings takes away from your rest and rejuvenation, but it can be difficult to find an interior designer you trust so far from home.

What if we told you that we can provide our design savvy and expertise from afar? Well, we can! Whether you’re looking to renovate a vacation home or have a second home that could use some TLC, here’s how we help our clients design their out-of-town spaces.

Maintaining the Designer and Client Match

It’s not easy finding an interior designer that gets your style and the specific needs you and your family have for your home. Once you’ve established a trusting relationship with a designer, why would you want to go through that process all over again?

When our clients enlist our help for redesigning their other homes, we can skip the “getting to know you” phase, saving you time! There’s no learning curve when it comes to figuring out each other’s expectations and communication styles. And, since you’ve already experienced working with us, you can rely on receiving the same quality results you loved last time.

Nationwide Network of Suppliers and Contacts

We source materials and products from all over the country—it’s what allows us to find the perfect pieces to complement our clients’ homes. It’s also allowed us to cultivate a network of suppliers and contacts across the globe. Whether it’s furniture suppliers, skilled craftsmen, or architects and builders, we can connect you with the right people to get your project to perfection.

Smooth and Seamless Process

We are committed to making the design process as easy and stress-free for our clients as possible, and the same goes for when we’re helping you on a project in a new location. One member of our team will travel out to your location to lead you through the project, but you’ll be receiving input from our entire team. That means you’ll get the same high level of collaboration, communication, and guidance that defines an ADJ project.

No matter your location or the scale of your project, we’ll work to ensure you get a beautiful final product that will make you eager to spend time in your home away from home. Ready to get started? Let’s start talking!

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