Change. It’s happening everywhere. When times are tough, trying, or even just weird (looking at you, 2020), don’t you find that you just want easy? Redesigning your home is something that should always be simple and fun for you (it’s the designer’s job to take care of the little details) – especially now, when you’re probably feeling cooped up in a space that feels a little too familiar.

For a refresher on exactly how we do things here at ADJ, here’s a quick review of how our trusted process makes your design project seamless, fun, and fabulous:

First, we get to know you.

Clients often come to us after seeing our work…and realizing it sparked something in them. While this makes our hearts happy, we want to get to know you and your style before we start to plan anything! In COVID world, that means a phone call or a zoom meeting to find out everything there is to know about what you are looking for. Once we’ve gotten to know you a little, we’ll come to you to see your space. Of course we’re taking all the precautions necessary to make in-person meetings possible (and we’ll ask that you do the same), and once we get a feel of your environment and aesthetic, we’ll come up with a plan to make your dream design a reality.

Then, we make it official.

Once you’ve approved our scope of services and signed the contract, we’re officially in this thing together, the good stuff starts to happen! We’ll pull together the best of the best to begin working on your project (and trust us, we know the right people that will ensure that your project is seamless, streamlined, and successful). Once assembled, we start to wow you with all the awesome ideas that your dream team has come up with. You’ll get to approve everything from color palette to fabric and hardware; then we’ll spring in to action! We’ll meet weekly and keep you updated throughout the entire process, making sure that you are fully aware of everything that’s going on from start to finish.

Finally, we go public!

In case you were wondering, we’re fully on board when it comes to making our relationship public. We’ll bring our professional photographer out when we’re finished and take some social-media worthy shots for you to share with friends on all your networks. If only all relationships could be this easy!

Are you ready to meet? Send us an email today and let’s set something up!

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