The leaves are changing, and those fiery fall colors will soon give way to the short, chilly days of winter. The best thing about the cooler months? The excuse to hunker down at home and enjoy a cozy night – or several – indoors. If your home’s interior hasn’t yet been winterized, don’t fret: all it takes to create those snug, warm vibes is a bit of layering.

Here’s how you can use simple layering to add some high-impact glam to your imminent hibernation.

1. Start with patterns.

Bold wall coverings, contrasting patterns and visually enticing shapes create a rich, immersive atmosphere, transforming your home into a cheerful yet cozy space. Pair geometric elements with softer, more organic ones for a lush and lively vibe, and think in terms of color, contrast, and scale. Don’t be afraid to embrace unusual combinations – a “clash” can become a “complement” with the help of a single common thread of color, texture, or material to bring it all together.

2. Layered fabrics are life.

Textiles are an unrivaled choice for adding depth and tactility to a space. They also lend a sense of softness and movement, and prevent rooms from looking too designed. Opt for fabrics with different colors, qualities, and characteristics to create an organic, personal feel that tells a story. Layer up cushions and throws in corners or hard-edged areas, and break up expansive or uniform surfaces with fabrics that inspire engagement and attention. Draw focus to inviting elements such as couches or fireplaces with strategically positioned textiles that urge you to settle in.

3. Lighting is always a mood. 

Nothing has the power to set a mood and guide the eye like lighting. Strategically layer natural, ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a snug and intimate ambiance, define spaces for kicking back and nestling in, and to pick out key decorative elements. Watch how light behaves on different surface types, and style your space accordingly. High-gloss surfaces and mirrors reflect and enhance light, while matte textures and fabrics lend a gently lit glow.

4. Less lets you do more.

For high-impact results, layering should be purposeful, not incidental. To ensure that you’re erring on the side of layering and not cluttering, strip back areas such as bookshelves and cabinets, then build them back up with a carefully curated, minimalist selection of items – remember that negative space is a designer’s best friend. Create a uniform color scheme, vary the size and height of your objects, and place larger items towards the bottom of your shelves to “ground” your design. Strive to create a warm, welcoming tableau reflective of your home – and which offers respite from the season.

From lighting to textiles and wall coverings, layering is a simple yet powerful way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Try the above tips to transform your abode into a glam-yet-cozy setting – or get in touch with us for an expert reimagining of your home’s interior.

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