With the help of your interior design team, you’ve successfully transformed your home into a chic living space that shows off your impeccable taste. But now that the project is over, you may be wondering how you’ll manage to ward off clutter and damage and keep your beautiful new interiors intact.

To help our clients preserve their design investments, we’ve compiled some tips on maintaining a flawless looking home for years to come.

Child and pet proof your new furniture

Our sweet babies and furry friends can take a toll on your brand-new sofa. To minimize wear and tear, we recommended that you don’t let little ones (or yourself) eat on the sofa and keep pets off furniture when possible. Another tip we have is to lay down affordable sheepskin rugs in areas where kids or pets like to sit. Not only are these rugs super stylish, they also provide a layer of protection against spills and other everyday messes.

Protect your fabrics with a professional finish

Imagine you’re entertaining friends in your redesigned living room when — oops! You accidentally spill some red wine on your new white sofa. Stains are a fact of life, so it’s best to be prepared before they happen by investing in a professional finish for your upholstery. And when we say professional, we mean it. Do-it-yourself spray finishes only coat the surface, unlike professionally applied finishes that penetrate the fabric and last for years. We recommend Fiber-Seal to our clients because they offer finishing services to rugs, furniture, draperies, wall coverings, and more – plus they work with all textures, including leather, silk, linen, and more.

Treat your flooring right

New floors can upgrade the luxury factor in any room – but they also require upkeep to protect them from everyday foot traffic and other damage. We advise clients to perform a regular deep cleaning on their floors to avoid dirt and grime from building up. To avoid scratches from furniture, apply self-adhesive or stick on felt pads to chair and table legs. And if you want to maintain a shiny surface, we recommend getting floors refinished every seven to 10 years. 

Shield your home interior from sun damage

You already know that the sun causes serious damage to skin, but did you know those same harmful rays can also cause your furniture, floors, and window treatments to fade? You can prevent this from happening by adding sun filtering blinds or UV film coatings to your windows. And if you have precious photos or expensive artwork on display, consider upgrading to UV acrylic glass that is designed to block out the sun.

While taking precautions and adding protective finishes to your home may require extra time and effort, the results are definitely worth it. And once you have peace of mind from knowing your home is protected, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine in your stylish surroundings – without having to worry so much about spills! After all, you want to actually live in—and enjoy—your space!

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