After the holiday bustle, you’re most likely slowing down and spending more time at home. More time at home means you’re probably noticing — and being inconvenienced by — the clutter in your spaces. Whether it’s toys, shoes, jewelry, or mudroom items, clutter can slowly but surely disrupt our frequency and alter how we view our homes and ourselves.

Many people focus organizational efforts on the areas that will be seen by company — the kitchen, hearth rooms, guest baths, and more. We find what grants clients the most peace is when their small, functional spaces – the spaces in which we find ourselves doing mundane tasks – are organized and beautiful. A streamlined and styled laundry room, linen closet, or accessory nook can transform your day, your time, and your sense of wellness. And by incorporating design elements into how you organize, you can create a space that’s uniquely yours (and one that you enjoy spending time in).

Here are three tips to make your space fabulously designed and functional.

1. Add personal touches.

How do you move about your closet? Where do you put your jewelry at the end of the day? Where do you hang your clothes or place your bags? It’s important that your space is built and organized to suit the way you live – that it matches the flow of your life.

Our designers work with you to go through all of your items (and we mean everything), so your space is designed to reflect who you are, how you live, and what makes you happy.

ADJ Interiors founder April loves milk glass and crystal. In her closet, she placed an old crystal tray to display her perfumes, and she repurposed milk glass dishes to store her smaller jewelry items. She also has pictures of her kids displayed on a shelf. These little personal touches make April’s space one that brings her joy daily.

2. Marry form and function.

We like to utilize the space you have, adding baskets, containers, and more to help organize your everyday items. Choose a basket that shows off your personality, and the bonus is that you will have a defined space you’ll remember to return it to after use. The more you practice using an organizational system, the more it becomes second nature.

ADJ Interiors designer Meagan loves hyacinth baskets and uses one to store all her textured throws when not spending time cozied up on the sofa with her family on movie night.

3. Set up zones.

Grouping like items together and designating a space for everything can make for quick clean-up (and provide more of a chance for you to sustain organizational habits).

In this loft space, we designed it for the purpose of virtual school (as well as a space that could grow with the kids from childhood to their teen years). The client knew that she wanted to put everything away in designated areas to keep their space from becoming (and looking) cluttered. With high gloss navy cabinets to hide school supplies and added pops of interest with children’s fairytale books and gold accent chairs with fluffy throws, this space is the perfect at home study environment. Together, we created a beautiful yet functional place to complement every aspect of the kids’ virtual schooling.

Let ADJ Interiors work alongside you to achieve your own personal style and allow you to celebrate all your spaces and reflect your lifestyle and home design goals. Contact us.

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