Warm weather is finally here, our favorite colors in nature are starting to bloom (hello vibrant greens, pinks, and yellows), and we are feeling inspired! Now is the perfect time to grab hold of the inspiration around us and give your home – specifically your outdoor spaces – a quick refresh. 

Reset and prepare your outdoor spaces for the entertaining you have on the docket this spring and summer with these three simple tips! 

Choose a baseline color scheme. 

While our team tends to love all colors, what we’ve learned over the years is that design is far less overwhelming if you select 1-2 base colors to start with and build from there by infusing pops of color where you see fit. When determining your base colors, consider the colors you have chosen for your indoor spaces – what neutrals (think black, white, grey, tan, navy) can be used in your outdoor entertaining area to create a cohesive look throughout both the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home? 

For her outdoor space, ADJ Interiors designer Meagan has chosen black and white as her base colors in her furniture and area rug. Her large planters allow the colors of Meagan’s flowers to be the gorgeous focal point of her space while additional colors come through in the green, yellow, and pink accents. And take note of this design hack: Meagan adds bricks and stones to the bottom of her large planters and sets a basket on top, making it easy to switch out plants season to season without the hassle of replanting. 

Renew your everyday items.

Take some time at the beginning of each season to audit your accessories. From pillows and blankets to beach towels and doormats, find out what items are still in good shape and which pieces no longer fit your personal style. Small changes can completely revamp your space and make a huge impact on how you feel about your home as a whole. April, ADJ Interior’s founder, recommends giving your good cushions a deep cleaning each season by power washing the built-up dirt and grime away. 

With our Warridge project, we selected bold throw pillows, towels, and umbrellas to create a cohesive poolside look for our clients.

Bring the inside outside. 

A recent trend we’ve been loving is to take outside elements and bring them inside your home. But what if we turn this trend on its head? Bring your indoor design outside by shopping on Facebook marketplace or heading to your local thrift store to look for a bar cart to use in your outdoor space. Dress it up with vases, colorful glasses, and other statement pieces to make it the center of attention at your next happy hour on your patio.

Be sure to remember when you audit your everyday items to take those fabulous rediscovered items you find and incorporate them where you can. For example, layer once-forgotten, colorful throw blankets with an outdoor rug to create a fun atmosphere. Meagan uses old Moroccan wall tapestries as picnic blankets or for layering on her deck when the kids are playing! 

Ready to transform your outdoor space? Let ADJ Interiors work alongside you to design your very own outdoor oasis in 2022. Contact us today!