Interior design is by its nature very personal: it’s your home, so it should reflect your personality, tastes, and lifestyle. Your designers should be there to guide you through the process, but it’s your vision that should really lead the project. Any interior design project is a journey – and whether it’s one of the best of your life or one you never want to repeat will depend as much on you as the design team you choose to work with. Here’s how you can prepare to make your project a success, right from the get-go:

1. Know what to expect

Knowing what to expect, even before you decide who you’ll be working with, can help you understand and define your role in helping things move along seamlessly. A great designer will want your input throughout the process to make sure your vision comes to life, so a little preparation ahead of time can go a long way. It will also do your wallet a favor: by knowing what to expect, you can avoid inadvertently causing delays, which ultimately increase both your timeline and your budget. You don’t need to study up on every detail about design, but there are
5 important things to know before you start.

2. Find a designer with whom you would share a cocktail or a coffee

Finding a designer whose work you like the look of is a great start, but the most rewarding and successful partnerships go beyond that. If interior design is a journey, then your designers are the guides that will take you from daydreaming about your perfect home to waking up in it every morning. You and your designer will be shopping together, reminiscing over old family heirlooms together, talking about what daily life really means for you and your family, and more. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing all of that, they won’t be able to execute your perfect vision, so be sure you’re working with a team that makes you feel at home.

3. Understand – and trust – the process:

Trust is a big factor in interior design. Just like you need to have full faith in your designer, you also need to trust the process. The last step in your design journey – you know, the one where you get to pop the champagne and admire your new space – might feel like the most exciting, but every step is equally important. Whether your project is a single room or an entire house, there are lots of little details to consider, and your designers should have a defined process that accounts for all of them. That means getting to know you at the start, keeping you informed on every decision, and celebrating right alongside you when the project is done.

4. Go all in

Your investment determines your outcome when it comes to interior design – but we’re not talking about money. Staying emotionally and energetically invested in your project from beginning to end will ensure that your voice is always being heard, your design reflects your family, and you end up with a home that puts a smile on your face. Once you sign a contract with your designer, you should be working together as a team. That includes the fun stuff, like shopping and sketching, but it also includes the mundane – like attending meetings, communicating reliably, and committing to a clear budget and timeline.

5. Don’t skip the details

Excitement and anticipation often tempt people to skip the last bits of their project, but it’s those little finishing touches that take a space from pretty to perfectly personalized. When you picture your dream home, it’s not just empty walls and new furniture – it’s got that certain something that just makes you feel good. Whether it’s finding the perfect spot for a family heirloom, commissioning a painting from a local artist, or finally figuring out how to show off your favorite collection, art and accessories are a critical part of bringing your home to life.

Your interior design project should be exciting, invigorating, and collaborative – and that takes diving in with both feet. It also takes a design partner who listens, makes you feel comfortable, and prioritizes your vision. Your perfect fit might just be us! Find out by reaching out to start a conversation.

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5 Things to Know Before Embarking on an
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