A whopping 62% of our waking hours are spent in our homes, according to the American Time Use Survey. Considering how much of our lives that is, it only makes sense our homes be a reflection of who we are: the memories we gather, the places we’ve been, and how we live. 

When someone walks through your front door, you want to hear the words, “Wow, this is so YOU.” With these four helpful tips, you can achieve this — and so much more.

  1. Listen to yourself.

Listening to yourself is key to creating a home that emulates all the things that make you uniquely you. 

When you set out to cultivate your interior design style, it’s easy to rely on outside influences, especially if you’re unsure where to start. Endlessly scrolling social media, scouring design mags, or asking those around you for inspo all have one thing in common: they’re not you. 

     Consider performing an audit of yourself:

  • Reflect on how you dress. Do you dress in layers? Do you favor bold prints or muted neutrals? Your fashion choices are important indicators of your personal style, which can be translated into your home through color, art, and texture.
  • Consider a trip that took your breath away. What did you like about it? Was it the picturesque coastal town or the historic colonial inn where you stayed? Traveling is one of our favorite ways to seek design inspiration. 
  • Make a pro/con list for your current space. It might seem basic, but detailing everything out can help you see the bigger picture and realize all the things you do want in your updated home.
  1. Trust your gut.

We firmly believe personalities would shine through homes if people trusted their intuition more often. Focus on what makes you happy. See something at an art show or antique store that catches your eye? Bring it home. Selecting things that speak to you will transform your space from generic and cookie-cutter to one that feels more like you.

Another common pitfall is getting too caught up in labels and trying to fit your taste into one neatly defined box: boho chic, mid-century modern, art deco, etc. The truth is, while interior design styles serve as jumping-off points, they aren’t the ‘end all, be all’ because they often don’t capture all of your unique quirks. As an interior design firm, we will help you pinpoint your signature style and bring it to life, even if you aren’t sure how to put it into words.

  1. Define your priorities.

Whether you’re looking for a slight refresh or a total makeover, identifying items on your list that are the highest priority will help you and your designer better define your style and put together an action plan to create a space that is authentically you. It’s important to remember that not everything needs to be completed all at once, especially if the financial or time commitment doesn’t align with your current headspace. 

If the project starts to feel too overwhelming, consider putting a pin in it — both physically and emotionally. In the meantime, you can continue to brainstorm by collecting things you love without having to use the brain power to figure out where to put them just yet. ADJ founder April stores her inspiration in a bin until the time is right! 

No matter which side of the interior design process you fall on, when you’re ready you will have a wealth of inspiration to turn to that’s eager to be brought to life. Bonus: you’ll avoid making spur-of-the-moment decisions just because you feel you have to.

  1. Don’t forget the small spaces.

When people think of bringing in an interior designer, it’s often because they’re wanting to redo the main arteries of their home, such as the bedroom, kitchen, and living room. But the small spaces — your powder rooms, hallways, stairs, etc. — can have just as much of an impact on the overall aesthetic and feel of your home. 

For example, think about the laundry room. Most of us probably spend a good deal of time here, yet it gets overlooked in favor of flashier projects and ends up becoming an area you find yourself avoiding. These smaller spaces should showcase your personality just as much as the other areas of your home. They’re the t’s we cross and the i’s our interior designers dot that contribute to our clients’ overall happiness.

Are you ready to make your home reflect your personality? 

Most of us already know who we are and what makes us special. We just need a little extra help translating our great qualities into our spaces. That’s where the ADJ Interiors team comes in. Reach out to us today to discover how you can make your home a reflection of you!