Picture this: It’s Sunday, and you’re indulging in your guilty pleasure: HGTV. The designer is doing the final walkthrough of the space they fully renovated after meeting with the owners once, staying within budget, and completing in record time … if only it were that simple. 

While these feel-good home design shows are enjoyable to watch and provide plenty of inspiration, the reality is they don’t reveal what the design process really entails. Getting from point A to point B (when the cherry is placed on top) involves more than one meeting and a lot more attention to detail, after all.

We’re pulling back the curtain on what a real design process looks like. 

Getting started.

Whether you are purchasing, building, or simply renovating an existing home — you should ask yourself, “Are we ready for this?” and “What is our budget?” 

Next, make a list of what projects and renovations you would ideally like to accomplish. Prioritize your wants and needs per space or project, and make sure you and your partner are aligned (misalignment is one of the four things guaranteed to blow your budget).

By setting your home renovation budget before the hammer hits the nail, you can make sure you establish your aesthetic, which will influence the look and feel of all of your spaces.

Dare to be different. 

It’s our goal to make every project match the unique aesthetic that defines our clients and their lifestyle. And most of the time, that’s not something you can pick straight out of a catalog. 

Our curated designs are far from cookie cutter. We work with local artisans to curate one-of-a-kind pieces that blend with retail furniture. 

Retail can be great for filler pieces, but we specialize in custom, antique, eye-drawing, and future heirloom pieces. So many times, our clients are pleasantly surprised that our custom furniture lines pricing is in line with so many retail outfits. They are able to implement exactly the look designed and stay within budget.  

Collaborate with the pros. 

To create a well-designed authentic space, we partner with the pros, just like they do on your favorite show!

If you need a carpenter, tile setter, furniture repair person, AV, electrician, and so on, we have a vetted source for you. We pride ourselves on having wonderful relationships with the best tradespeople and artisans in town. 

Bringing in outside contractors — like a tile installer or a skilled carpenter to add custom built-ins — really allows us to put the cherry on top of your design. 

Working with a professional designer ensures a cohesive look and feel that stays in line with your personal style, your budget, and your timelines. Let our team take on the inevitable bumps in the road and all the other little details so you don’t have to. 

A space better than the shows.

While it may take longer than 30-minutes to bring your design vision to life, you will have something that is uniquely yours to show off to your friends and family. Contact ADJ Interiors to get started today!